natural_vs__relaxedAfrican Splendor (AS), a leading hair industry in researching, producing and trading of human hair products. By specialising in designing, importing and exporting high quality products with customer’s value in mind, we produce 100% human hair and synthetic hair products.

Our factories are situated in China and a variety of medium and high quality hair products are manufactured through multiple production lines with most up-to-date technologies and equipment. New and fashionable hair styles are produced rapidly and distributed through worldwide, mainly in Asia, Africa and European countries.

Black Diamond, Envy and Cloud 9 are the three main collections by our business. Since we introduced our collections, Africa continent has become our top selling market. With our top designers and employees, African Splendor brings the simple and beautiful hair solutions to every beautiful lady. Our product ensures that you will be satisfied from the moment you start using them, and boost your attractiveness and confidence.

With our distinctive production and services, we believe, African Splendor will become a leading industry in producing and distributing hair products and dominant in the market with the most fashionable hair styles to the African continent.

Since the establishment of the company, we continuously import advanced technologies and prompting new product researching and development. We focus on delivering top quality hair products with affordable price, and strive to bring our customers most values from our products and services.

We say “INVITATION TO BEAUTY”, because that’s exactly what we do for you “invite you to be beautiful”


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We are a trendy young team with a hunger to satisfy the market’s needs.

For more information call us at 086 116 8888 or send us a message

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